Side events

The WEgate Summit represents a unique opportunity for the Women Entrepreneurs community and other stakeholders to take stock of the challenges and opportunities existing in the European entrepreneurial environment, and have a constructive conversation on those topics that are the most relevant at a specific moment.

To capitalize on the diversity and expertise of its community, WEgate is providing the Summit’s platform to its Community Members to lead independently organized activities leading up to the WEgate Summit 2022.

Please feel free to join the WEgate Summit side events, networking starts here!

Investing in Women Scientists: Global Perspectives 

Organized by Oxford Brookes University Business School (United Kingdom)

As part of the 2021 WEgate Summit we held a panel discussion on Scientists and Entrepreneurs: Women Tackling Global Challenges. That discussion highlighted that gender bias in accessing investments is a major barrier for women scientists to develop and grow their spinouts and start-up companies. This year WEgate Summit panel discussion brings together women investors who are leading change across the globe to support women entrepreneurs. This debate will focus on solutions and sharing good practice to tackle investment gender bias.

When:  6th of October 2022 at 18.00-19.00 (CET)

Where: online, event details and registration here.

Language: English


Women Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy: Presenting the FIT’s Best Practices: “FIT: Financial literacy and new business models to boost women entrepreneurship possibilities”

Organized by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)

The event will present the progress of the activities’ implementation, the feedback selected, and lessons learned so far, as valuable insight for the WEgate audience. The FIT project has created a training course designed to assist female entrepreneurs launch or restructuring their companies utilizing circular economy business models with a sound financial basis. Through the FIT project, women can upgrade ethical principles and improve the balance between self-interest and social responsibility.

When: 3rd of October 2022, 11.00 -12.00 CET

Where: online, event details and registration link will be available soon.

Language: English


Athena Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Women of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

Organized by the Digital Leadership Institute (Belgium) 

Athena Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2.0 aims to support women migrants or with migrant backgrounds to plan their entrepreneurial activities in Belgium. The bootcamp will cover the main aspects of doing business in Belgium, but also a session dedicated to working on your business ideas:

  • What you need to know about administrative procedures, funding opportunities and general business ecosystem in Belgium: learning about the cultural diversity and business environment, administrative and legal requirements for setting up an entrepreneurial activity, and – most importantly – funding opportunities for entrepreneurs;
  • Hands-on business coaching: clarify your business vision and work on a concrete plan to advance your activity with the support of our coach and the different resources and tools offered by the program.

When: 7th of October 2022, 09.30 -14.00 CET, in-person in Brussels

Where: Brussels, event details and registration link here.

Language: English

Different sources to finance the growth of women owned enterprises

Organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Chamber of Small Business and Trade – Women Entrepreneurship Section (Slovenia)

Do you think there is no way to get the finance to grow your business? Join this panel discussion with women entrepreneurs in different fields and in different life stages and get to know their stories while getting the needed  resources and motivations to scale up. During the second part of the event, the  possibilities of financial support to female owned businesses will be introduced.

When: 29th of September from 10:00 – 12.00 CET

Where: online, event details and registration here.

Language:  English


Hardships and opportunities – Financial support for women entrepreneurs and start-uppers in Central and Eastern Europe

Organized by the HÉTFA Research Institute (Hungary)

The discussion will focus on the financial opportunities and strategies women entrepreneurs/start-uppers have to develop their enterprises with a focus on the Central Eastern European context. We will cover the following interrelated topics: the hardships women entrepreneurs face when launching their companies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), looking for or willing to offer investments, especially at the early development stages of the enterprises; how to support women entrepreneurs/start-uppers in business and innovation decision making, in finding investors, mentors and networks to build on in CEE; experiences of women to be stakeholders in innovation and business by offering knowledge, contacts, mentoring and networks for innovative entrepreneurs, start-up founders and potential business angel investors in CEE; reflecting on the impacts of the recent crises of COVID-19 on the resiliency and prospects of women-led businesses in CEE.

When:  3rd of October 2022, 14.00-16.00 CET

Where: online, event details here.

Language:  English

Women Social Entrepreneurs: A New World of Challenges & Opportunities in the EU

Organized by the EOS Academy

EOS Academy is organizing a panel discussion with social economy actors on social entrepreneurship in the EU, followed by a Q&A session. Together with the guests, the discussions will  explore critical challenges, significant opportunities, and funding programs for women social entrepreneurs and answer the audience’s questions.

When:  5th of October 2022, 13.00-14.00 CET

Where: online, event details here and registration here.

Language:  English

MoneyTalks Panel: strategies for a successful funding of women’s businesses

Organized by Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

As an Association with a unique position of being based in the EU and having strong connections with Western Balkan countries’ female-based entrepreneurs, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in particular, the discussions will focus on strategies for funding, current, and future practice, and what our panelist experiences in starting and growing their businesses in EU and outside EU. They will discuss innovative solutions coming from B&H, where they see an awakening in Bosnia and Herzegovina, associations are forming and you will hear about developments in innovative markets.

When:  4th of October 2022, 18.30 CET

Where: online, event details and registration here.

Language:  English

Women in entrepreneurship: Challenges, prospects, and financial opportunities

Organized by Plan of Business Accounting Services and Seminars (Greece)

Post pandemic and in relation to the challenges faced by the war against Ukraine, this workshop aims to portray and analyze the main opportunities women entrepreneurs can benefit from the new-fangled work, education, and social circumstances. In addition, the event will delve into the challenges women face, both in work and social life while exploring the financial opportunities available.

When:  15th of October 2022, 11.00 CET

Where: online, event details and registration here.

Language:  English